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SARAR Knowledge Clusters Co.
Management, Engineering & Educational Services

Our mission:

Contribute to the advancement of society through the creation and development of the family of SARAR knowledge clusters.

Our vision:

The Full, harmony & stable family of SARAR knowledge clusters.

Our Core Values:

Accurate and complete compliance of the SARAR professional ethics include:
• Establish and maintain effective relationships with customers and partner companies and providing their lasting satisfaction
• Giving Timely and cheerful response to customers based on planning and management principles
• Understanding and analyzing the Demands and actual needs of customers and strive to meet them
• Continuous improvement of internal audit services to discover the appropriate grounds for improvement
• Promotion of using new knowledge, technology and special skills
• Provide services in accordance with the highest standards and quality
• Creating a safe, dynamic and pleasant space for providing services
• Applying creativity and innovation in service delivery
• Continued Amplifying of engineering and scientific vigor

Our operational strategies:

Accurate and complete compliance of the SARAR knowledge management include:

• Define and achieve measurable goals in quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the services provided for the customers
• Define a gradual process of change with small but firm steps
• Implementation of Processing based on knowledge management structure
• Defining customer questions with accurate view of customer problems
• Providing training service with clinical approach
• Providing integrated and comprehensive systems for project management

SARAR word means The Best Location of a Region

To succeed in any business, it is necessary to consult with experts and acquaintances in the business environment.

Iran as a country with very diverse and golden opportunities has been identified.
If you have chosen Iran to start a business or investment, we can accompany you in your trading and projects there.

Our experienced experts, with knowledge of negotiating terms and conditions of Iran law and regulation and also skills in provide and analyzing financial and legal documents, are the best advice for you.

Please see SARAR Services we provide for you and inform us what you need to know. We ensure that our services will be satisfying.


1- Pre-investment Studies
1-1- Opportunity Studies
1-2- Pre-Feasibility Studies
1-3- Feasibility Studies
1-4- Providing Project Finance models

2- Contract & Legal Services
2-1- M. O. U. & JV Agreement
2-2- E, EP, EPC, PC, C contracts
2-3- Foreign Investments Agreements (PPP, BOT, BOO, BOOT, Buy Back, …)
2-4- Contract Management service
2-5- Contracts Analysis Services
2-6- Contract Strategic Studies

3- Project Management Services
3-1- Project Scope Management
3-2- Project Integrated Management
3-3- Project planning and control
3-4- Project Management Information System
3-5- Project documentation services
3-6- Risks Management
3-7- Claims Management
3-8- Time and Cost management.
3-9- Providing Processes and workflows

4- IT Services
4-1- Virtual Secretariat Services (first edition)
4-2- Virtual Communication Services (first edition)
4-3- Online Soft wares

5- Marketing Services

6- Financial and Accounting Services

7- Training & Educational Services

8- Engineering consulting and contracting Services